Web and Go Ltd – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Process & Data Records

Web and Go Ltd have a strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy and abide by the new legislation. We will tell you by email about the data we currently hold about you. If your company or organisation has more than one employee/staff member, we will tell each of them  individually (if we hold data on them). We only store data that is absolutely necessary and do not keep it for longer than is necessary.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU THE INFORMATIO WE HOLD ON YOU IS ACCURATE AND THAT YOU AGREE TO HOW IT IS USED.


The reason the data is held & how it is used

Use of data by Third Parties

At Web and Go Ltd we do not share your information with anyone for the purposes of making money or allowing them to sell you services & products. We may share your information with third parties that are vital to the service we provide to you. For example, if we provide a website to you, we may supply your personal information to a hosting company, this is to allow us to provide you with the service you are paying for. A further example of this, is if you have a domain registered with us, we will enter your details as the domain owner. This information has to be entered to enable you to have your legal rights. You should assume that any information contained on this document is shared with third parties, again only to allow us to support your services.


Use of data by Web and Go Ltd – General use

Web and Go Ltd will hold the above data to assist us in installation and support of your products. We will use the information to contact you and alert you to changes you may need to be aware of. We will also use the information to contact you regarding the creation and maintenance of your services. The information we hold will be visible on your products, whether they be printed or digital products.  If you wish to remove your consent for general use by us, simply email us and tell us you wish to “opt out of complete use of my data”.

Use of data by Web and Go Ltd – Marketing / Promotional communication

 We may send you promotional/marketing information regarding our products, if we feel you may benefit from them. We will not pass your details onto any other company for marketing purposes. If you would not like to receive marketing communication, even from Web and Go Ltd, please email us and tell us you wish to “opt out of marketing communication”.


How long will we hold the data

We will hold your data indefinitely. This is whilst you are a current customer and a previous customer. We may continue to hold details as a previous customer in case you decide to become a current customer again, making the joining procedure easier for all.

Who is the data held on

This document applies to current customers, previous customers and other people who have never been a customer. This is to enable us to provide quotations and other pre-sales information about our products.

Storage of the data

Your data is held securely and every reasonable step has been taken to make sure it is safe from damage, loss and theft.

Which data is used solely by Web and Go Ltd and which is used on your products

This document makes it clear whether we hold your data for sole use by us or release the information onto your products for the viewers to see. An example of this is, you may wish us to have your mobile number but do not want it released on your website to your customers. The way the data is used will be indicated in brackets next to the data.


“Opting in”

We will ask you to provide consent for us to store and use your data. This is for general running of your services and provide marketing information about services from us, that may benefit you.  You will be asked to reply to the GDPR consent email saying “YES I CONSENT”. This means you consent to full use of the data as outlined in this document.


“Opting Out”

You can opt out at any time. Your data will be deleted for good. This will be free of charge. Please email us and tell us one of two things “opt out of marketing communication” or “opt out of complete use of my data”.


If you wish to review / amend the data

You may, if you wish, view or amend the data we hold of on. This document will be re-issued free of charge.  You may also specify different use of the data, for example, you may say “please remove my mobile telephone number from my website”.


Help & Support

If you wish to receive any further information on this process, or support in participating in it, please contact us. This support will be free of charge.

Other policies / regulations and associations

GDPR  runs alongside, but is independent of  any other regulation or policy, whether it be legislated or not.




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